I Found a Good Job While I Am out of School

For the past three months I have been really busy. I got sent home from college with the pandemic and I have been doing all of my classes on the internet. That really has not been so big of a deal honestly. I am good at all of the courses that I am taking, although some are difficult for most people. At the same time I sort of lucked into a full time job doing AC installation in Brooklyn and some times in other boroughs. It is not really so hard to be honest, but I am just there to do the stuff that requires a strong back it would seem. I also drive the truck for this old guy who does the supervising. That means I spend a lot of time not exactly working. He is always on the move, they have at least half a dozen jobs going on all of the time and it turns out that he has his own thing too.

People have told me stories about why no one lets him drive, apparently he does not pay attention very well when he is on the phone and he is always on his phone. The woman who owns the company told me that she would fire me if I let him have the keys to the truck. I am supposed to snitch on him for his side jobs, but that hardly seems to be in my interest really. He pays me in cash to help him, so I am making a really good check for working on the clock and then he gives me an envelope with twenty dollar bills in it after I help him. He has a couple of these things going on all of the time and usually someone else is helping him do the stuff where you need to know stuff.