I Have a Great New Girlfriend

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I really did not think that I had much of a chance with this girl at first, but maybe that caused me to relax and not really chase her like I some times do. Of course I have issues with social awkwardness at time as well, so this was a change for me. In fact it is not like I am socially awkward with men or women that I am not extremely attracted to, just women who I find attractive. This woman is really smart too, she understands the key to the era of bitcoin or blockchain. She is paid a huge amount of money to know all about that stuff, and at the same time it is hard to tell when or if she is ever working. She sits out by her pool with her laptop, but it seems like she is shopping for clothes more than anything else or she is chatting with her brainy friends on instant messaging apps.

At any rate I have been living rent free with her for nearly six months now. She does not really treat me exactly like a boyfriend however. She has three bedrooms, a huge one that she uses, another which she uses for an office (although I hardly ever see her in it) and another which is where I keep all of my stuff. She lets me sleep in her bed, but I do not get to share her bathroom or her closet. I do not think there is room for another person in either of those. Her closet must have tens of thousands of dollars worth of things in it. That is really how she got to know me. My family has a lot of woodworkers in it and I had customized a few closets for people she knew.


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