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10 Things You Should NOT Forget to Rent for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding rental tips involves many details, and it’s important not to forget essential items when considering what to rent. Here are 10 things you should not forget to rent for your wedding:

  1. Tables and Chairs: Ensure you have enough tables and chairs to accommodate your guests for both the ceremony and reception. Consider special seating for the bride and groom, as well as any VIPs.
  2. Linens and Tableware: Rent tablecloths, napkins, and tableware (plates, glasses, flatware) that match your wedding theme and color scheme. Don’t forget extras for the cake table, gift table, and cocktail hour.
  3. Dance Floor: If your wedding venue doesn’t have a built-in dance floor, rent one to ensure a designated space for dancing and entertainment.
  4. Lighting: Rent appropriate lighting to set the mood for your wedding. Consider ambient lighting, spotlighting for key moments, and decorative lighting elements like string lights or chandeliers.
  5. Tents or