Knowledge is power: protect yourself on the dark web

It’s a phrase that gets thrown around a lot: “Knowledge is power”. It might seem a bit over the top at times, but many different situations show that there’s a lot of truth in it. One example of this, is cyber security: as long as you don’t know what people know about you, you can’t defend yourself against it.

The dark web

A place where a lot of information is shared, is the dark web. This platform is very popular for multiple forms of crime, as no one can be traced when they use it. This opens doors for many different things, especially when you know what to look for. Luckily, the fact that nothing is impossible to find also opens the door of defending yourself against this, because you’re know also able to find out what can be found about you.

How does dark web monitoring work?

There are several ways dark web monitoring can be used. The biggest difference is who or what is using it: an individual or a company. For both the results of cyber security can be dangerous, but in different ways.

  • Individual: when we’re talking about dark web monitoring for an individual, we’re talking about very personal details. These might include passwords, but also bank details or even a social security number. When these fall into the wrong hands, access to your accounts is possible for everyone.
  • Company: this is also immediately the difference. For a company, we’re not talking about personal details, but about the details of an entire corporate. This might also affect personal information from your employees, but can mainly hurt your marketing position as well as your sales.

It’s impossible to delete things from the dark web, so once dark web monitoring shows that details about you can be found, these can’t be erased. But, it does create the opportunity to defend yourself against this, simply by changing these details. For passwords, this can quite easily be done, but for other information it might a bit harder. This work is definitely worth it though, as you now can browse the internet safely again.

Meet your expert

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